All personal data that has been or will be collected through this web site will be used by Pennellificio Gava s.r.l. and communicated to companies linked to it fully respecting the basic principles laid out by: – directive no. 95/46/CE and Law 675/96 and Legislative decree no.196/03 for the protection of personal data; – directive no. 97/66/CE and Legislative Decree no. 171/98 for the protection of privacy in telecommunications; – directive no. 97/7/CE and Legislative Decree no. 185/99 for the protection of consumers in distance contracts; – the EC directive dated 4 May 2000 for electronic commerce. OWNER OF AND RESPONSIBLE FOR DATA HANDLING The Owner of the data handling is Pennellificio Gava s.r.l., with its head office in Via Roma, 75 – San Vendemiano – Italy. Those in charge of data handling are the managers and those managing the database, in accordance with their specific sector. OPERATIONS OF PERSONAL DATA HANDLING AND OBJECTIVES The operations carried out by Pennellificio Gava s.r.l., with regard to the activity implicating the collection, preservation and elaboration of personal data, and the objectives followed with each of them are the following: 1. Collection and preservation of personal data for the supply of services and products through the web site and to supply the Legal Authorities with the information requested; 2. Elaboration of personal data in order to define the commercial profiles of its users; 3. Use of the various profiles by Pennellificio Gava s.r.l. and by companies linked to it for promotion and for its own or third party’s commercial communications; 4. Collection, preservation and elaboration of personal data for any administrative/accountancy needs, including the transmission by email of information and invoices; 5. Transfer of personal data to member companies for the carrying out of services expressly requested/underwritten by the visitor; LIBERTY TO GIVE CONSENT AND EXERCISING ONE’S RIGHTS Giving of personal data is not obligatory. However, if consent is refused , Pennellificio Gava s.r.l. will be unable to supply certain services offered through its web site. Each person can exercise the rights foreseen in art.13 of Law 675/96 and in Legislative Decree 196/03, which foresee the possibility to: A) know, by means of free access to the contents of the Records as foreseen in art. 31 of Law 675/96 and in Legislative Decree no. 196/03, the existence of data handling regarding him/herself; B) be informed regarding: 1. name, company denomination, address, residence and legal office of the data handling owner. 2. reason for and how data is treated. 3. name, company denomination, address, residence and legal office of the person in charge of data handling. C) obtain from the owner: 1. Confirmation of the existence of personal data regarding him/herself and communication of said data. Information regarding the logic and objective behind handling. 2. Elimination and transformation into an anonymous format of data handled violating the law including the data where preservation, with regard to the reasons why the data was collected and treated, is not required. 3. Updating, correction or integration of data. 4. Proof that the operations referred to in 2 and 3 have been made known, as far as content is concerned, to those to whom the data has been communicated except when doing this is impossible or when it means a use of means which is not in any way proportioned to the right protected. D) oppose, partly or completely, for legitimate reasons, the handling of persona data regarding him/her even if pertinent to the collection objective; E) oppose, partly or completely, the handling of data regarding him/her, foreseen for commercial information or for the sending of advertising material or direct selling material or for the carrying out of market research or interactive commercial communication and to be informed by the owner, not later than the moment in which the data is communicated or released, of the possibility to freely exercise that right. That can be through: – e-mail to: – Fax to +39 0438 400404 – Writing directly to Pennellificio Gava s.r.l. – Via Roma, 75 – 31020 San Vendemiano (TV) – Italy

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