The paint brush tradition since 1946.
Company founded in 1946 by Cav. Giuseppe Gava: from a disused and laboratory-transformed bus, the story of the paint-brush company begins. Today, in the original production site, it covers a surface of about 6,000 square meters.
Based in the Veneto Region, the native land of many famous painters, Pennellificio Gava has always been distinguished by attention to detail and the importance attached to fulfilling all the requirements of its well-known and demanding customers. Therefore, among the wide range of paint-brushes and paint tools available, you will certainly find the products which best suit you.

By pursuing a marketing strategy which consists of a constant product updating, aimed at the development of new manufacturing technologies, Pennellificio Gava has been able to integrate some self-designed machinery into manufacturing lines. The automation of production processes, however, goes side-by-side with hand-made manufacture, in order to maintain high-quality standards. In addition, innovation also involves the use, in the production of paint-brushes, of different types of mixtures that embrace the numerous and different applications. The blends, composed of natural bristles and synthetic filaments or of synthetic filaments alone, are by our exclusive formulation and are the result of almost twenty years of experience in this field that has now become of fundamental importance.

A quality-oriented business culture enables us to assure a reliable and consistent supply of products to a market which is constantly evolving, like the time we are living in, without losing our identity of family-run business. In fact, it is really passion that drives us to reach increasingly higher goals, thus making Pennellificio Gava’s brand highly regarded on both national and international markets.

This web-site outlines the range of Pennellificio Gava’s standard products (entire of the production is in ITALY), including brushes for fine arts, make-up & nails, paint rollers and brushes for painting, varnishing and decorating, as well as products for specific applications and accessories. Structural features and sizes, furthermore some use suggestions, are provided for each model version to help in selecting the most suitable item.

And if you do not find exactly what you need, Pennellificio Gava’s Technical Department will be ready to develop special and custom solutions to meet your unique needs.