Paint rollers & decorative tools

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Cod. R680

R/680 – Mini-roller refill acrylic yellow stripe fabric

For Dispersion and Water-soluble paints, Rust-protection. Cheap cover.
Woven acrylic fabric mm.12. With anti-drop cap.

Cod. R688

R/688 – Mini-roller refill polyamide yellow stripe fabric

For Dispersion, Water-soluble and Silicate paints, Rust-protection.
Good paint absorption and spreading.
Woven polyamide fabric mm.13. With anti-drop cap.

Cod. R684

R/684 – Mini-roller refill Velour (shaved wool)

For Undercoats (also synthetics), Rust-protection, Antifouling, Resins.
Very good on wood, boats and fibreglass.
Resistant to solvents that don't affect the natural wool.
Shaved wool, 100% natural mm.5. With anti-drop cap.

Cod. R687

R/687 – Mini-roller refill Extra-fine foam

For Dispersion and Synthetic paints. For smoothing.
Extra-fine foam mm.10.

Cod. R681AR

R/681/AR – Mini-roller refill ROUNDED flocked foam

For Dispersion and Synthetic paints. Very good for smoothing.
Flocked polyamide foam mm.10.

Cod. R682

R/682 – Mini-roller refill short hair for resins

For Thick paints, Glues, Rust-protection, Resins (all).
Doesn't tear away, optimally resistant.
Structured polyamide fabric mm.6. With anti-drop cap.

Cod. R689

R/689 – Mini-roller refill microfibre fabric

For Wood preventives., Low thick paints and Glues, Enamels. Super absorbing.
Micro-fibre fabric mm.8. With anti-drop cap.

Cod. R678

R/678 – Mini-roller refill coarse-grained foam

For Water-soluble paints (also quartz and/or thick paints).
"Orange peel finishing".
Synthetic foam (COARSE grain).

Cod. R683

R/683 – Mini-roller refill yellow stripe

For Dispersion, Water-soluble and Silicate paints, Rust-protection. Better release.
Woven acrylic fabric mm.12.

Cod. B--

B-- – Short handle for Mini-roller refill

For mini-rollers refill.
Plastic grip. Galvanized steel diameter mm.6.