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Cod. 502

502 – Putty DIY Knife

The economical all-round.
Steel blade. Varnished wooden handle.

Cod. 516

516 – Plastic double Spatula

For decorative effects.
2 spatulas with different length. Plastic dividing.

Cod. 520PLA

520/PLA – Set of plastic Scrapers

For decorative effects.
In plastic bag. Plastic. mm.50-80-100-120.

Cod. 520INOX

520/INOX – Set of stainless steel Scrapers

For decorative effects.
In plastic bag. Stainless steel. mm.50-80-100-120.

Cod. T140

T/140 – YELLOW Paper masking tape mt.50 (120my)

For building trades and Do-it-yourself.
Removable without breaks / Real and usable length. Temperature resistance: 60° for 30 min.
Impregnated paper (52 g/mq). Solvent-based adhesive in natural rubber.

Cod. T144

T/144 – GOLD Paper masking tape (WASHI) mt.50 (95my)

For internal and external use (Accurate lines and edges).
High resistance to water and humidity. Removable without breaks. Real and usable length. Resistant to temperatures up to 150°C and until 5 month to UV.
Rise paper and vegetable fibre (Japanese WASHI). Acrylic adhesive with middle-high adherent power.

Cod. T147

T/147 – SILVER Gaffer U.S.A. Tape mt.25 (185my)

To seals, fix, protect. Suitable also for packaging.
For quick fixings (tubes, tarpaulins, pipes, etc.). Real and usable length.
Reinforced gaffer tape, with fabric gauze.